“Through innovative, diversified, and highly developed emotional, spiritual, and physical techniques, Elliot and his team invited my spirit to return to my body. After an almost lifelong struggle with food and body image, I am relieved to be at home within myself. Thanks to my journey at Body Creation, I am free to do what was once forbidden; I now remember all that I was born to be and have the power available to make that happen. Come to Body Creation and be the miracle you were meant to be.”


“I was a smoker for 13 years and tried several times and ways to quit: cold turkey, the patch, the gum, accupuncture.. The reason I was successful with Body Creation Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Program was because it addressed not only the physical addiction, but also the route of my problem. I had no idea that a smoking cessation program would be such a transformative experience. I have never felt so empowered and in control. I have been a nonsmoker now for almost a year and am forever grateful for Elliot and Body Creation.”


“Today, almost everyone can join a studio and receive physical coaching and training. Elliot Negron, however, brilliantly goes beyond fitness formulas and accepted paradigms that lead many people to quit working out. He believes that body, mind, and spirit are inexorably linked:  all must be exercised if one is to achieve optimum health. In other words, it is not enough to just want to lose weight and firm up. It’s a mental and spiritual process that requires an initiation.  Elliot helps clients find both their core strengths as well as the root cause(s) of whatever is withholding success. He applies ancient, multicultural techniques (beyond yoga!)  to help clients usher forth hidden their potential and self-confidence. The results are often amazing. And I myself am infinitely grateful to Elliot for the remarkable transformation I’ve made over the years. ”


“Over the past few years as I have trained with Body Creation I have not only grown leaner and stronger but I have also deepened my general sense of health and well being. Elliot is a masterful trainer and brings a wealth of knowledge of the physical body and the connection of mind and spirit to our overall health and well being.”


“Caren Zoppi is a master of the art of fitness and nutrition. She possesses a depth of understanding of the science behind this art, allowing for optimal integration of training and eating regimens to achieve one’s goals.  Her nurturing, motivating style has allowed me to reach toward my highest potential.  There is never a dull workout.  Caren’s continued dedication to her chosen field makes training fun and exciting.”


“I had been a smoker for 15 years smoking upwards of a pack a day. I tried to kick the habit numerous times and was equally unsuccessful each time.  I knew I was at a point in my life where I wanted to better myself for the future and quit smoking but did not want to take medication to do so and finally decided on hypnosis with Elliot. Elliot made me feel comfortable right away with his soothing, professional and non judgmental manner. My appointment was early in the morning and he told me to come in without having my morning cigarettes so that I would be craving it. I did as I was told (and boy was I craving it!) and after my session with him, I dropped the habit. Just like that. I had no cravings, no headaches, no specific urge to keep gum or candy in my mouth – none of the “typical” side effects of nicotine or habit withdrawal (just as Elliot said would happen). I walked out of the session with no craving and have been smoke free ever since (9 months) and feel better than ever. The minor cravings that I do have every once in a while are quickly gone with the use of Elliot’s self-hypnosis techniques. I truly love being a non-smoker and thank Elliot for his help in bringing that non-smoker out from within me.  ”

Michael & Michelle

“Over 10 years ago, we went to Body Creation to lose 15 lbs and we ended up changing our lives!!  Working with Elliot enhanced our fitness but that was only the beginning of the journey. His focus on the mind, body and spirit and his ability to help us live a more “balanced” life has allowed us to achieve a state of physical and spiritual awareness. ”


“From the day I started at Body Creation, I knew I had discovered something unique and inspirational. Body Creation has provided me with a new perspective on life, ideologies and relationships. Elliot Negron beautifully choreographs a program individualized for each of his clients, allowing them to reach their full potential  by creating their authentic self and achieving pure personal liberation. I have come to know this with interaction he has had, not only with myself, but, also with my family. His mental program takes you on a spiritual path to self discovery like no other.  It awakens you to an understanding of yourself and those you love at a completely different level.  It has given me new eyes of perception for life and its daily challenges. I could not have done it without Body Creation. It has been a truly life-changing process. Thank you Body Creation for giving me the  breath of fresh air  I needed, to create for myself an empowering way to live.”


“In the 3 years with Caren as my personal trainer, I have seen dramatic differences in my body, strength and stamina.  Caren is a true professional and always ensures that she factors in what I can and can’t do, lifestyle and eating habits all while applying just the right amount of “push” to keep me challenged through my workout.  Caren always made sure to adjust the workout regiment to keep things interesting and target different areas of my body as my body definition developed and changed over the years. While my body weight and muscle mass has undeniably improved over the course of our training, I have also gained a generally improved sense of well being and healthfulness thanks to Caren’s advice and recommendations on eating habits and nutrition. I highly recommend Caren to anyone looking to seriously improve their health, mind and body and get into shape.”


“I walked into Body Creation in 2006 at age 61 saying to myself that I could do anything for 3 months! That began my journey with Elliot and the Body Creation team. After taking off those nagging 20 lbs. I felt I could take on whatever came next. Elliot and the support staff  have made a such a difference in my life both physically and mentally.  Elliot ALWAYS greets me with a smile and has helped me to work through numerous hurdles whether it is the body or the mind. Elliot and the BC team have such incredible knowledge of anatomy and nutrition and always seem to have just the “right” answer to whatever the challenge is at hand. I hope I will have my 6 am time slot on my two days each week forever and as I always say,” Tuesday is the best day of the week, unless it is Friday! Thank you Elliot, you are a gentle giant with a heart full of compassion and the strength of Hanumon.  ”


“During my journey with Elliot and Body Creation, I have learned to deal with challenges in a manner I would have never contemplated.”


“I was referred to Body Creation with my single focus being weight loss.  As I discovered soon thereafter, Elliot’s techniques go far beyond simple weight loss.   It was certainly a great feeling to reach my goal weight.  But it is a far greater feeling to find that maintaining my weight has become effortless.  I would have never envisioned when I started that I could maintain my desired weight without a continual conscious effort or dieting.  Elliot helped me to discover that it’s not about what the scale says – it’s about mastering the mind.  And where the mind goes, the body is sure to follow…”


“After a decade of training at Body Creation, I have integrated my physical strength with my spiritual/mental strength.  Through Elliot and BC this astounding connection has been made. ”

Kenny & Renee

“We started working out with Elliot at Body Creation over ten years ago.  Elliot helped us both get into great physical shape, recover from injuries, and stay healthy.  But he has also done so much more.  By getting us to focus on strengthening our minds and spirits as much as our bodies, he has helped us both realize our potential in ways that go far beyond the gym.”